Registration for IOL 2024 is made by representatives of accredited National Linguistics Olympiads, via IOL's Registration System. Each accredited country can participate with one or two teams, each team composed of 1 team leader (legally adult both in Brazil and in the country of origin) and 4 contestants (pre-university students, less than 20 years old on the first day of the competition, selected from an accredited National Olympiad). Additionally, the delegations can bring additional adult Observers at request.

Registration System


If you are already registered in the system for IOL 2023, you can log in normally. If you aren’t, you have to put your real name, a valid e-mail and a valid phone number. In this case, your registration has to be approved manually, so please wait up to 3 working days. Normally, the registration of a Delegation must be made by a representative or a team leader of a National Linguistics Olympiad that is accredited by IOL. Once logged in, the registration has four layers:

  1. Register your country/national olympiad for IOL 2024. You have to declare some initial data: number of teams, number of observers, working languages and some basic information about your National Olympiad. This is the step you must fulfill in order to register a Delegation.
  2. Create your teams. Choose their names and select the working language for the team contest for each of them.
  3. Create the members of the delegation: contestants, team leaders and observers. You'll need to put names, documents, personal details, room preferences, dietary requirements, working language, assign arrival and departure transport records, etc.
  4. Create your arrival and departure transport records in a specific tab: type of transport, number, date and time of arrival or departure. After that you can attribute the created trajectories to specific people of your delegation.

Please notice that only one user should register the whole delegation of a country. Jury members, volunteers and observers not connected to a Delegation must register by themselves, following similar steps.


These are the important dates for the registration process:

Early Bird Registration: In this modality, you should pay a 30% deposit by 1 March 2024. If the deposit is not paid on time, registration is automatically converted to Standard Registration and respective rates apply.

Requesting of working languages ends: 12 February 2024

Standard Registration: In this modality, you should pay the full registration by 20 May 2024.


The registration fees for IOL 2024 are donations made by the National Delegations to help sustain IOL and sponsor the event. Thanks to the registration fees, we are able to cover the local costs for the corresponding people (First Team, Second Team, Observer) during the event – including accommodation, food and transfer. The values for the Delegations participating at IOL 2024 are the following:

RegistrationFirst teamSecond team
Regular Registration€ 1630€ 3260
Early Bird Registration€ 1467€ 2934
Previous Host* Registration€ 1467€ 2934
Early Bird + Previous Host€ 1304€ 2608
Observer€ 500

*Previous Host is the Delegation of a country that hosted IOL in the past, such as: Bulgaria, Russia, The Netherlands, Estonia, Poland, Sweden, United States, Slovenia, United Kingdom, China, India, Ireland, Czechia, Republic of Korea, Latvia and Isle of Man.

With the registration fee, the organization covers:

  • Accommodation arriving on Tuesday 23rd and departing on Thursday 31st July 2024
  • Meals from the dinner of 23rd to the breakfast of 31st July 2024
  • Transportation from the Airport of Brasilia to the hotel and all the excursions and transportation during the event

What we do not cover (each Delegation must arrange its own):

  • Tickets arriving to or departing from Brasilia
  • Visa, health insurance and other travel costs
  • Costs for extra days in Brazil

All participants are normally arranged in double or triple rooms. If you want to request a single room for the duration of the event, there is an extra fee of €300/person.

If you need to stay additional nights in the event's hotel, there is an extra fee of €60/person/day.

Working languages

At IOL, we consider that all participants have the right to solve the problems in their own native language (or one of them). The problems are composed in parallel in all working languages, in a way that all language versions are equal – meaning that no participant has advantages in solving the problems in any particular language.

However, because the multilingual composition is a lengthy and complex process, we need the Delegations to inform us in advance about the possible working languages for your Delegation.

You have to inform your possible working languages by February 12th, 2024.

Please, do keep in mind that the choice of a working language is an iterative process. As soon as the selection is finished and you know that a certain working language will not be needed in 2024, please contact us as soon as possible to withdraw the language, so the Problem Committee can stop working on its version.

According to the Rules for participants, a competitor can change their language choice up to two weeks before the Olympiad begins, but only being able to choose from the languages in the final list of working languages.

For more details, about working languages read here.


In green, countries exempt from visas for short visits (up to 30, 60 or 90 days, check specific agreements); in blue, countries from which citizens can enter without passports, using an ID card. Source: Wikimedia Commons (modified).

Among the accredited countries, citizens of the following ones are exempt from Visitor Visas:

Bulgaria, Colombia, Czechia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Isle of Man, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Malaysia, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Republic of Korea, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Türkiye, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

However, from April 10, 2024, citizens of Australia, Canada (Anglophone and Francophone) and the United States of America will resume being asked a Visitor Visa (VIVIS) to enter the country, which can be done electronically.

Other than these, citizens of the following ones need to issue in advance a Visitor Visa (VIVIS) – please check the details with the Brazilian Embassy in your country:

Bangladesh, China, India, Nepal, Taiwan.

Invitation letters can be issued on a case-by-case basis, please contact us if you need one.