The 21st edition of IOL will happen from July 23 to 31, 2024, in Brasília, the capital city of Brazil. The olympiad has a traditional calendar, currently expanding to a 7-days format. The event comprises:

In addition to the international gathering of high-school students, IOL also has two kinds of parallel activities:

The schematic, day-by-day calendar, will be as such:

Tue, July 23
Wed, July 24
Opening Ceremory
Integration Games
Thu, July 25
City Tour
Fri, July 26
Individual Contest
Sat, July 27
Sun, July 28
Cultural and Learning activities in Brasília
Mon, July 29
Team Contest
IOL Quiz
Tue, July 30
Solution Presentation
Closing Ceremony
IOL's Got Talent
Farewell Party
Wed, July 31

This page is being constantly updated; details about each activity will come in due time.

Teacher's Program

Among its many qualities, the IOL is an event with a great potential for local transformation, as it congregates students and teachers that are highly engaged in learning scientific knowledge. As such, it recalls the transformative power of education and inspires us to democratize a high-level education that values the interest for the knowing process, the investigative reasoning and the collective nature of science.

That is why we feel the need for channeling IOL's olympic fire to enrich the community of teachers and educators in Brazil, and more specifically from Brasilia's metropolitan area. That is why we formalized a Teacher's Program, in parallel with the first days of the delegations' program.

The aim of the event, in consonance to IOL's aforementioned societal aims, is to bring to school teachers perspectives for learning languages and linguistics in a way that:

As such, it is also our aim to promote among School Teachers different tools and strategies drawn from Linguistics Olympiads (such as the self-sufficient problems or the development of categorization and investigation skills) or from convergent approaches (such as Gramaticoteca in Brazil, laboratorios gramaticais in Portugal or the thinking linguistically approach in the U.S.).

The activities would be led by professors from the Brazilian academic community but also from the IOL community. After all, we are sure that, among the organizers of the different Linguistics Olympiads, there is a great richness of experiences and conceptions that can be directly beneficial to the school environment. Workshop submission proposals were open from January 23th to February 11th.

We hope the teacher's event can generate good fruits and become a tradition for the next editions of IOL, giving back to education in different countries.